Thoughts While Walking My Dogs

I can’t believe I spent $60 on a scarf, holy shit. (worth it)

We should really take Maggie in for a checkup.

A woman jogs by barefoot while I wade through the yard in scuffed rain boots.

Oh, my new Graze box is here.

Game of Thrones is still taking up space on the DVR. Maybe I’ll watch, I hear it’s good.

On second thought, I’ve got Pirates of Dark Water. Time better spent.

Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim

Why can’t I rock a bandeau? Summer blows.

I don’t read enough.

I don’t write enough.

Poop bomb.

I should totally post this on my blog.

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2014’s First Two Months in Words

Whew! Now that that’s over, I can begin to pick up the pieces and function like a human being again. I’m actually writing again, and it feels good. And I even managed to sneak some reading in during the move.

Moan for Bigfoot by Virginia Wade
“Needs More Salt” by Liz Schriftsteller
“The Next Generation” by Michael Adam Robson
“After the Trains Stopped” by J Kyle Turner
“Not an Ordinary Dog” by Sara Puls
“The Final Seam” by T. Callihan
“The Keepsake Box” by Alex Shvartsman
“The Dragon and the Bond” by Mari Ness
“21st Century Dragonslayer’s Lament” by Susan E. Connolly
“And Silver Fountains, Mud” by Lisa Nohealani Morton
“Have You Seen My Girl?” by Brent C. Smith

Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu by Mercedes M. Yardley
“Servant Leader and Rat” by Steven Mathes
“Cigarette Lighter Love Song” by Josh Rountree
“Spellsketching” by Vylar Kaftan
“Dear John” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
“St. Valentine’s Day Mashup” by G. O. Clark
“Why Women Turn To Stone” by Heather Morris
“Toads” by Mari Ness
“Miss Violet May from the Twelve Thousand Lakes” by Tina Connolly
“What Is Expected of a Wedding Host” by Ken Liu
“On Disposing of a Corpse” by Tom Jolly
Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet (helloooo, favorite childhood program)

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