Send In the Clowns

Polygamist Clown Hootenanny
© Chango Blanco

• In honor of National Clown Week (and nobody told me?!), here’s a slideshow of historic clown photos courtesy of Slate.
• Check out the smashing new Dr. Sketchy’s site, complete with branch profiles and full search capability.
• Support budding young writers, support the Desert Island Supply Co. in Birmingham, Alabama.
The Uniform Project is in its second year with a new “Pilots” series. Funds raised for this month’s project will benefit Blair Grocery, a school in New Orleans’s Lower 9th Ward.
• Jenny of Fashion for Writers rants about the blatant Orientalism in Dior’s new ad campaign, “Shanghai Dreamers.”
• Beth Hommel, personal assistant to Amanda Palmer and all around superstar, has written about her battle with depression. For anyone who’s been there or feels they’re on the brink, read the comments. They’re inspiring.
The Cassini probe captures Alpha Centauri, the sun’s nearest star system, while photographing Saturn. From 80 million x 330,000 miles away!
• These tiny sculptures carved into pencil tips by Dalton Ghetti are astounding.
Prop 8 overturned!
• Etsy recs: Ugly Art Dolls by Ugly Shyla, Rustic Goth, tracemyface design, and Midnight Zodiac Leather Works.

Spoiler Alert – Human Centipede – Uncut
Tosh.0 Videos Daniel Tosh Web Redemption

“You can tell your lies to me, I know they’re all make believe.”
- “I Believe In Aeroplanes,” Amanda Palmer

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